Service Assurance and Compliance

The advisory and consultancy team has been created to serve a demand within our client base for cost effective access to our skills, expertise and systems. Drawn from the UK energy market, business process and customer management outsourcing markets, our unique team is comprised of experts in a wide range of industry systems, processes, operations and technology disciplines.

Our consultancy offering starts with the 16 Box Model, which we use to frame the challenges faced by our clients to enable us to then focus on priority areas, such as the following:

  • Developing operational platform assurance and on-going service efficiency
  • Targeting operational cost savings and/or improving revenues
  • Lowering organisational and regulatory risk
  • Addressing compliance gaps
  • Improving management and performance of third parties
  • Creating long term, sustainable enterprise value

We provide hands-on support and advice on processes that are supported by our Software and Services and this is primarily delivered through alignment to our 16 box model.

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16 Box Consultancy Framework…

We can provide diagnostics, analysis and insight to identify challenges and opportunities across your operational activities, supported by subsequent change and project management services. We use our consultancy toolkit to undertake expert practitioner analysis to identify quick wins, challenge business readiness, uncover compliance gaps, create process improvement plans and support more detailed cost to serve business improvement programmes.

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Customer Acquisition
Change of Supplier
Reads Management
Payment Management
Payment Management
Asset Management
Debt Management
Change of Occupier
Change of Supplier
Trading, Forecasting,
Revenue Assurance
Regulation &
  • Onboarding
  • Servicing
  • Retention
  • Support Functions
  • Nexus Impact

  • Prepayment Impact

  • DCC (Smart Impact)


Customer Acquisition:

Industry structure and regulatory requirements relating to customer acquisition and registration involves careful orchestration of data flows across multiple participants. We realise that acquiring customers and ensuring they are 'fit to bill' is vital for all suppliers. We enable proactive adoption to help suppliers review their acquisition processes to identify quick wins and recognise recommendations for improvement. We guide clients through acquisition processes influenced by leading Industry programmes including the Smart Meter rollout and Project Nexus.

Change of Supplier Gain:

With customer switching on the rise there is continued focus on enabling faster switching, controlling costs, improving customer satisfaction and complying with regulatory requirements. By providing a complete view of the registration processes and the changes resulting from major industry obligations, we enable customers to efficiently recognise potential areas for operational and compliance improvement.

Reads Management:

Obtaining and processing accurate meter readings and understanding the criticality of obtaining these reads in your upstream processes is vital. The Smart Metering rollout is set to transform the sector, unravelling new opportunities for the types of reads you can obtain and the services you can offer as a result. We have years of unrivalled industry knowledge, expertise and experience across a full spectrum of business processes within the Retail Supply Industry and work closely with the majority of Meter Reading Agents. We will partner with you to improve your meter reading and processing related activities across all meter types, providing an independent view to help identify quick wins.


Generating and issuing timely and accurate bills is fundamental to a Supply business and dependent on several other processes surrounding Reads Management and the accuracy of EAC’s and AQ’s. Smart transformation is set to revolutionise these processes and we are ready to guide you and advise you on ways to capitalise on these changes to bring maximum benefit to your business and customers.

Payment Management (Credit):

Ofgem requires Suppliers to offer a wide variety of payment methods as per Supply Licence Condition 27 which means all Suppliers are obliged to take reasonable steps to ascertain the status of a customer and the occupants of any affected domestic premises before initiation of debt collection or disconnection proceedings. To meet these obligations Suppliers must provide not only the means to receive payments from a wide range of channels but they must also be able to allocate payments received to the correct accounts and investigate any instances of unallocated and misdirected payments. As effective payment-processing impacts customer experience, it is essential that Suppliers have effective strategies in place.

Payment Management (Prepayment):

Managing gas and electricity prepayment or Pay-as-you-go customers requires additional activities to those required for credit customers, yet these activities vary significantly between Legacy and Smart prepayment. For Legacy prepayment there is a fundamental requirement to manage specific prepayment flows and forms to third party providers (PPMIPs) to enable interaction with the meter. For Smart prepayment the role of the PPMIP is removed and new methods of interacting with meters operating in prepayment mode are introduced. We are experienced in both Legacy and Smart prepayment and closely linked with PPMIP and Smart prepayment service providers. Together we will help you explore practical realising benefits during smart transformation.

Asset Management:

A Retail Supply business is responsible for reliably managing assets, meters and smart devices in a customer premise, alongside third party contracts to finance and maintain these assets. With the requirements of the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) requiring replacement of all meters by the end of 2020, it has never been more crucial to adopt a proactive and customer-focused approach to managing metering activity. It is important to manage associated data flows to ensure a smooth interaction between the DCC and legacy processes. Through the integration of our market leading AFMS platform with our DCC platform, uSmart - we can ensure we support you through all the changes required to your business to manage the replacement of your metering assets over the next few years.

Debt Management:

Regulatory focus has put the spotlight on collection practices to ensure fair and reasonable treatment of customers. The approach to debt collection continues to evolve suggesting effective collection operations are no longer based on a ‘one size fits all’ collection. Suppliers need to be flexible and pay attention to customer fairness to support those customers facing difficulty.

Change of Occupier:

With an increasing numbers of people renting properties, there is likely to be a rise in the level of occupancy changes. This impacts Suppliers when it comes to managing costs, improving customer satisfaction and complying with regulatory and data protection requirements. It is important that Suppliers adopt a customer-focused, integrated and efficient approach that operates within legislative requirements. We can help Supplier’s evaluate their Change of Occupier processing capability as a result of the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP), developing a model that works best for their organisation.

Change of Supplier Loss:

Whilst the Change of Supplier Gain process must be a suppliers ‘preferred’ process, the reality is that customers will most likely switch again and the Loss process should also be supported. For many reasons including the potential to regain that customer in the future, the customer journey to support Loss must be accurate and efficient as any other process including the timely production of a final bill based on accurate reads and for Smart meters the relevant re-setting of any specific tariff data. We can advise you on the regulatory obligations supporting this and review any processes you have in place.

Complaints Management:

It is in a Supplier's best interest to review their Complaints Handling capability and design a model that works best for their organisation. Managing complaints accurately and fairly is vital and we can help you evaluate your complaints and dispute handling practices.

Contact Management:

The ability to manage customer contacts is fundamental to operating efficiently and providing excellent customer service. Suppliers could face an increasing amount of customer queries and complaints, so we recognise that managing customer contact is an issue for all suppliers. We will help you review your account query and maintenance related activities to provide an independent view on potential areas of process improvement to minimise contact.


Suppliers must realise the value of a robust Settlement imbalance position and the effect it can have on the whole retail business. We understand the complexities surrounding Settlement processes and BSC Audits to help you evaluate your Settlement related and identify process efficiencies and regulatory non-compliances in readiness for future BSC audits.


Suppliers are expected to offer competitive customer tariffs, while managing significant risks of wholesale price volatility, customer demand uncertainty and customer churn. Implementing robust Trading, Forecasting and Hedging strategies and managing risks without driving up base costs is a core competitive challenge. We offer a range of tools spanning energy trading to customer demand forecasting to enhance and extend your competitive position.

Revenue Assurance:

Unavoidable errors and inaccurate data can lead to incorrect bills, excessive settlement charges and customer complaints. The resulting settlement gap then becomes a drain on company revenue, impacts reputation and disrupts operations. As a company grows, manual activities which were initially feasible become ineffective requiring more sophisticated processes. We can proactively support you in mastering the complexities and efforts required to effectively protect gross margin.

Regulation and Compliance:

Industry changes will impact all market participants as well as inviting an extensive set of new and changed processes and data flows for your business. We can assist you in the translation of industry changes into a business and software context through your own monitoring activity and responses to Industry consultations or more generally by providing advice to address forthcoming industry developments and how they can impact your internal systems and processes.

Supplier in a Box™ Support Services

We have supported more clients in successfully and cost effectively entering the UK retail energy market than any other organisation. We understand your need for a low risk, competitively priced, operationally compliant start to your new business and we can provide that with three unique packages to suit your needs and market ambition.

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Our entry level service covers the core and essential components required to successfully enter the UK market.



Building on Service Core, we recognise clients are keen to optimise in-house operations and have on-going, regular access to our market experts.



Building on Service Core and Service Plus, our most comprehensive service option includes further, flexible access to our subject matter expertise and involves our consultancy support.


Supplier in a Box™ has been selected by 30+ new market entrants and our managed services operates over 3 billion data flows.