We Make Market Entry Easy

The growth of a new independent sector in the UK energy market is driving vibrancy and diversity, and delivering better deals for consumers. We’re ready to help new entrants and their value chain focus on customer excellence and innovation, whilst industry complexity is managed. We’re bringing together the key capabilities suppliers require to operate across the value chain to deliver competitive leadership in their businesses and focus on innovating for customer benefit.

We’re the ‘go to’ supplier when organisations want to break into the energy industry. We support businesses of any size, from fledgling companies to the ‘Big 6’. Recognised across the industry  and built for ‘Smart’ – Supplier in a Box™ enables responsible market entry and competitive growth of energy supply.


Supplier in a Box™ Support Services

We have supported more clients in successfully and cost effectively entering the UK retail energy market than any other organisation. We understand your need for a low risk, competitively priced, operationally compliant start to your new business and we can provide that with three unique consultancy packages to support your needs and market entry ambition.

Make market entry easy. Talk to Utiligroup.



Our entry level service covers the core and essential components required to successfully enter the UK market.



Building on Service Core, we recognise clients are keen to optimise in-house operations and have on-going, regular access to our market experts.



Building on Service Core and Service Plus, our most comprehensive service option includes further, flexible access to our subject matter expertise and involves our consultancy support.

Case Study…

    Pozitive Energy started as an innovative idea to empower local communities with environmentally sustainable solutions and unrivalled customer experiences – “better than the current market”. They did this positively by merging their existing broker business and offering a complete package…

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    Community Supplier

    Bring Cheaper Energy to Your Community…
    Your community now has the power to lower its energy bills by becoming its own energy supplier. Thanks to Supplier in a Box™ and a world of support ready to help you every step of the way, Utiligroup makes it easy.

    Built For Your Community

    Since the Government announced that local communities and not-for-profit organisations could take control of their own energy bills, we’ve helped them do just that. Our Supplier in a Box™ solution gives you all the tools you need to enter the energy market. This, combined with comprehensive software and support, turns the promise of lower bills from a strategic vision into reality.

    Make market entry easy. Talk to Utiligroup.


    Case Study…

    • Neas Energy

    When the government announced that every community that wants to take forward an energy project should be able to do so, it gave those communities the power but not the capability. For that, community energy groups like GnERGY choose Utiligroup.

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    Managed Services

    We’ll Help You Make Your Mark In The Energy Market…
    Take away the headache of juggling conflicting priorities when you’re poised to grow your position in the energy market…

    Future Proof Your Business

    Our Managed Services offering provides a ‘one stop shop’ for existing suppliers and new entrants to the UK energy market. We combine industry-leading software and unrivalled knowledge and expertise to help every supplier enter the market and build a future-proof business that grows in both reputation and customer numbers.

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