Managed Services

Utiligroup’s managed service, Utiliserve, provides the support to help any business to become an energy supplier in the UK, in the shortest possible time.  In conjunction with Utilisoft’s leading edge software, Utiliserve handles all the key facets of operating in the gas and electricity markets on behalf of its clients.  These aspects include management of the complex processes and day to day management of key functional areas.

A fundamental principle of Utiliserve is that of ‘partnership working’ – meaning that every step of the process will be taken in partnership with the client.  Utiliserve works closely with its clients to ensure that all decisions taken are accurate and are made quickly and efficiently to ensure the best outcomes at all times.

Utiliserve deals with the complex industry processes and dataflow management for both the gas and electricity markets, in the following industry roles:


  • Suppliers
  • Metering Agents
  • Data Collector
  • Data Aggregator


  • Supplier
  • Shipper

Utiliserve deals with all the relevant industry dataflows and processes (incoming and outgoing), ensuring that every action at all stage of every process is fulfilled, and working in partnership with the client to ensure that strategic decisions are actioned efficiently and accurately.

In addition to the key industry processes and dataflows, Utiliserve can also provide software, services and consultancy for other aspects of its clients’ business, including in the following areas:

  • Managed Industry Accreditation
  • Billing
  • CRM
  • Energy Trading
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Pricing / Quotations


Utiliserve Solutions

  • Supplier in a Box

    The Utiligroup Supplier in a Box solution is the rapid starter kit for new entrants to become operational within the energy market.

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