Making Energy Smarter.

As energy digitizes to meet the future, Utiligroup is the UK market leader empowering competitive energy innovation. Through our automated software as a service, we help remove industry complexity for a simple, smart & agile customer experience.

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Making Energy Smarter

Utiligroup is the market leader empowering competitive energy leaders through our automated software as a service to remove industry complexity for a simple, smart & agile customer experience.

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Over 20% of UK energy customers operate in our SaaS, that’s millions of customers benefitting via the competitive energy leaders we empower.

Innovate through our industry change leadership

As digitization & distributed technologies empower customers, the energy sector is transforming quickly. We commit to the deepest proactive engagement to shape and deliver industry changes in a way that benefits your competitiveness with representation in fifty work groups and programmes.

Engaging with the industry
for our customers

We’re in all the key industry change groups driving delivery of key programmes such as Smart Metering, Faster Switching, Half Hourly Settlement and MiData. Our Smarter Energy Insights Blog, groups & forum share the latest changes from industry & government bodies.

Our technology culture continually creates new innovative SaaS

We developed ISO certified software as a service covering market interaction, smart metering, position optimisation, data insight & billing. We innovate constantly to add new functionality that enhances your competitiveness & pioneers new smart energy models.

Empower data driven

Energy competition operates at the speed of data insight. We unify your data across our platform, industry & partner applications to create a master source for distribution upon which we create real-time data insight.