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The market is changing to a new basis we call Energy 2.0 combining market change, customer expectation growth and disruptive innovation building over time. We seek to enable our clients in their journey to turn this range of change into a roadmap of customer value providing trust, benefit and empowerment, through time that we call Customer 4D. Utiligroup engages extensively in market change to reflect the interests of our clients in these programmes and our enabling solutions.

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8 for 18 Enablers

As UK government leads on a journey of technology enablement for the energy sector, there are a range of ongoing and emerging programmes that will smarter our customer experience, energy markets and infrastructure. Utiligroup is engaged extensively across forty industry groups exploring delivery of these changes so that Suppliers & Metering companies can turn them into end user benefit through our SaaS value. This year there are eight key programmes in delivery that Utiligroup is contributing to, with a range of enablers and intended outcomes. We welcome engaging to explore how these changes can unlock new competitive benefits for your energy Supply proposition.

Incubating Innovation

We have created an approach to bring together all the stakeholders and data sources to collaborate in a new LivingLab to create the Customer 4D evolving value of the future.

The Living Lab is our capability to create customer value for Energy 2.0.

We are launching a Living Lab at our HQ.

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We provide integrated, secure, scalable market platform that brings together diverse data, analytical techniques and high performance managed services in the Utiligroup private 'Cloud' that enables interoperability, diversity of sources, service application, operational resilience and evolution of future customer value.

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Software as a Service

Utiligroup’s Software as a Service (SaaS) applications offer a fully managed, secure and resilient service rooted on the latest best-of-breed cloud software and modern best practice processes and capabilities.

We help clients deliver the experiences their customers deserve and reduce the barriers to entry for both fast growing new market entrants and existing future utilities.

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