We’ve used our expertise to build our electronic filing system that provides extensive workflow management and streamlined data entry. Take control over your FERC reporting within eFiler’s cloud-based, intuitive user interface – and benefit from our industry-leading, highly experienced customer support.

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    Our Focus


    Stay compliant with FERC orders 859 and 860

    Available By module

    Our electronics filling solution is available by module - eForms and MBR - and also allows for both workflow management and full audit capability. eFiler is capable of managing this down to the individual cell.


    Form 1, 1-F, 2, 2-A, 3-Q Electric, 3-Q Natural Gas, 6, 6Q, and 714


    Click on the eForm and MBR boxes on left and right to learn more.


    Authorization, Category Status, Mitigations, Self-Limitations, Operating Reserves, Indicative PSS, and Indicative MSS. Entities to Gen Assets, PPA, Vertical Assets, and entities

    Comprehensive Workflow Management

    Each of our modules allows for workflow management that take your forms from data entry to review, approval, and report filing.

    Conduct Full Audits with Granular Control
    Collaboration and Visibility
    FERC and EIA Pre-populated Data


    Over 120 clients trust Latitude to provide cost effective, straight-forward, cloud-based solutions

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