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Utiligroup Official Statement on COVID-19 virus

Update 25th March 2020 – Utiligroup is committed to prioritising the health of its staff and customers, in addition to maintaining its service standards. In relation to the specific COVID-19 threat, Utiligroup has assessed that the current risk of the coronavirus for “most employees is low” and is working in line with UK Government directions.  Utiligroup has implemented the ‘Gov.uk’ directions and guidance on the COVID-19 symptoms and how to reduce the spread of the infection including reduction of travel, self-isolation as required and personal hygiene.


  • As of 25th March 2020, Utiligroup has transitioned successfully to a company wide work from home basis and closed all our offices on 24th March 2020.


  • Our business is operating on a ‘business as usual’ operational basis in delivering our operational service levels, software development, customer engagement and energy sector change programmes.


  • During the Coronavirus change to normal working arrangements, we are reviewing the allocation of work across our teams continually and making adjustments as the situation evolves.


  • Utiligroup is supporting its customers proactively and their metering supply chain in their transition and new basis of operations.


  • As part of working from home, the company is focused to support our employee continued well-being, work-home life balance and mental health.


  • A daily UK executive team meeting is held to co-ordinate our rapid implementation of UK government requirements and employee support.


  • We are engaging continually with key organisations such as Energy-UK and Ofgem relating for measures to underpin the continued market and updated approaches to future change programmes.


A pandemic is one of the scenarios that Utiligroup prepared for within its Business Continuity Plan. The assessment of the impact of the scenario is a loss of facilities with no impact to IT Systems, Key Suppliers or Critical Equipment.

A loss of facilities scenario is included within the BCP testing, which is conducted annually. In the most recent test, performed in December 2019, Utiligroup was able to prove that key personnel from essential support functions were able to perform their role successfully when faced with a loss of facilities event.

In implementing our Business Continuity Plan, Utiligroup commenced its transition to work from home on 12th March and was fully operational with only minimal key resource remaining on-site from Monday 16th March. We supported the transition of our energy Supplier and Meter Agent customers to work from home during that week. Our company completed our full transition to work from home on 24th March 2020 when we closed our offices in Chorley and Bridgend.  Until directed by UK government and implemented by our executive team, work from home is our ongoing operational ‘business as usual’ basis.


Utiligroup proactively assesses the potential impact to its service and identifies any further mitigations to ensure that it is ready for all foreseeable scenarios.

We remain fully operational and engaging proactively with our customers, welcoming all contact that is helpful via the website contact forms or to their usual contacts for our customers and affiliates.


Please use the contact form in the menu item if you wish to contact Utiligroup.  Submissions through the form are monitored actively and we will be in contact with you promptly.  We welcome your contact.