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We help you make more of the energy trading market. Our modular solutions enable step-by-step deployment, creating a proven growth path for traders and the ideal package for new entrant suppliers.

Our UK power trading solution suite is fully integrated and provides a range of modules for the supervision of market interaction, position management and counterparty management. Used widely across the utilities industry by suppliers of all sizes since 2001, we have developed a firm foothold within the sector. Since launching NETA go-live, products have been expanded modularly to create a solution that encompasses the entire energy trading and risk management process. Its capabilities span from demand forecasting and trade capture to settlements and reconciliation.

Robust, supportive and dependable, our solutions provide the tools required to navigate a demanding environment. Our solutions have a proven track record of robustness, demonstrated time and time again in highly demanding trading environments. With 24-hour support, our trading solutions are the dependable resolution to energy traders’ problems – no matter how big or small.

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Events and Workshops….

Following our successful market briefings on such as market price movements and the impact of Project Nexus to gas shipping services. On 7th December our existing and prospective customers will be attending the latest session provided this time by Smartest Energy, considering trading market conditions, approaches to hedging, key operational requirements and future change drivers. For further information please contact Mark Coyle at

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