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Our CRM and Billing solution Futura provides energy suppliers with the essential tools required to manage traditional and smart metered customer billing needs.

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    Futura features a customer-driven proactive roadmap that introduces new innovation for the billing of new digital energy services across the utilities market.


    of competitive UK energy suppliers believe their CRM system is flawed and losing their business potential profit — according to Utility Week

    Empower your energy
    CRM & Billing services

    We remove complication to offer streamlined, focused software for your CRM & billing needs. Our software integrates across your customer applications & our market interaction SaaS. We simplify billing for new & existing energy Suppliers through our software with its recent design, easy-to-understand structure, scale & ongoing functional roadmap.

    Embedded Integration
    & interaction with
    market messaging

    View industry dataflows with our CRM software. Futura even allows logging and processing of industry dataflows, with data pulled directly from AFMS market interaction software. Futura also supports dataflow reprocessing.


    We’ve invested into the development of Futura, improving the functionality of our account management, payment and collections, charges and tariffs, bill generation and supply and reading management systems.

    software support

    Customers who choose Futura benefit from our full, continuous support. We’re delivering outlined system expansion to Futura with four core sprint teams integrating new functionality. We’ll also support your CRM & Billing experience with educational sessions from our client solutions team.

    Speak to us for a CRM billing solution with integrated market messaging.

    Call 01772 770 280 or enter your email address.