Data empowerment unleashes your competitiveness

Our data insight platform unifies customer, market, our SaaS & wider application data & distributes it across your business for analysis. Use our standard established analytics or create your own datalake using the capabilities provided to compete in real-time.

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Enhance competitiveness and remove invalid business costs through out data insight platform.

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Our analytics unify and process billions of data items with instant access to empower your real-time competitiveness

Empower your real-time competitiveness via Data Insight.

Our data insight applications apply our experience to create analytics which underpin your competitiveness, compliance reporting, cost validation & position optimisation. Improve profitability, increase regulatory performance and reduce risk dynamically to lead competitively.

Validate Meter finance invoices with Shade

Shade identifies MAP billing errors, forecast rental charges and produces automated reports. It compares your data to historical industry dataflows to highlight inconsistencies of over or under bill errors that cause unforeseen financial risk.

Unify & distribute data for competitive insights

The ability to extract information from any data source allows CentreStage to be the host for any or all of your consolidated data. Users can build a hub for essential information, with the functionality to tailor interactivity based on the data you require.

Enhance your speed of decision making

Our user interface and data access are optimised to empower your speed of understanding and business decision making, focus on making decisions not interpreting the underlying data.