Market leading Meter Agent Performance

Our widely adopted software for meter agents cover Meter Operator Parties (MOP for electricity), Meter Asset Management (MAM for gas) and Meter Asset Providers (MAP for both). With SaaS and non-SaaS deployment models our software models fits with your business preferences.

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Deploy our meter agent applications your way – on-premise, hosted or
managed by us

Choose between purchasing the software, running the application within our tier 3, secure, hosted environment or taking our SaaS managed service solution. Managed service customers receive additional operational monitoring and exception management tools.

Software Only

Take complete control over your metering application, hosting the software yourself. We’ll assist with migration and tuition, transitioning the system entirely over to you to host and maintain.

Hosted Software

You’ll control your metering solution, but we’ll host the software. We’ll maintain security, configuration, compliance and system updates – leaving you to work with the application.

Managed Service

Our SaaS empowers your scalable portfolio growth. We manage back office complexity through software hosting & managed services. Our service covers meter management, sector exception handling & functionality exclusive to our SaaS version, so you concentrate on the customer journey.

Let’s discuss market leading meter agent performance with our applications.

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Meter Operational Parties
Meter Asset Managers
Meter Asset Providers

Achieve finance invoice accuracy with our platform.

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Deliver Smart Metering DCC RSA interactions

Become a Registered Supplier Agent to interface with the DCC and interact with smart meters using our RSA SaaS adapter

Interface with the DCC

MOP and MAM meter agents interface to the UK DCC securely in real-time as a Registered Supplier Agent (RSA) to interact with the smart meter.

Most widely deployed

Our RSA SaaS is the most widely deployed in the UK energy sector, empowering meter agents in combination with our software deployed extensively across energy Suppliers for their DCC interactions.

Adapter empowers DCC operations

Our DCC RSA adapter SaaS for meter agents empowers their DCC operations with orchestrated interactions, flexible integration and remove calls securely into the automated software.