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Now is a critical time for energy suppliers and metering organisations to prepare for an effective roll-out of smart meters and an early realisation of competitive benefits. The programme of activities is the largest since the introduction of competition in the electricity market in 1998, and the demands upon energy suppliers and metering supply chain organisations are considerable.

Our solutions, services and expertise to take suppliers and meter agents through the readiness activities, from qualification under the industry process, through to initial live operations and support for increasing volumes and additional functionality in future DCC releases.

Utiligroup helps to facilitate a controlled implementation of support for the DCC, with guaranteed communication to compliant smart devices. We have been immersed in the DCC programme since its inception, and so we understand the breadth and depth of the impact it will have upon market participants of all types.

With the benefit of all that experience, Utiligroup has created the uSmart software product, which features the following components to support customers during their smart transformation:


  • uSmart Business Orchestration
  • uSmart DCC Adapter and Workbench
  • uSmart Metering Agent Integrator
  • uSmart Payment Service Provider Integrator

Our Team...

Our highly skilled team of DCC and Smart Metering specialists have succeeded the first stage of the SREPT (SMKI & Repository Entry Process Testing) process and work closely with leading industry bodies, such as Smart DCC, DECC, SECAS and Ofgem to support suppliers through this generation opportunity to transform the energy industry.

We work closely with leading industry bodies, such as Smart DCC, BEIS, SECAS and Ofgem to support suppliers and their meter agents through this once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the energy industry.

We will help you overcome key issues such as:

  • Significant extension of supplier responsibilities and licence condition obligations
  • Smart meter installation planning – forecasting and ordering of comms hubs, meters and other devices; coordination with meter installer
  • Expert DCC guidance during set up of the installation programme and expert execution of the required DCC commissioning during installation
  • Business processes must change for customers with DCC-connected meters, including those acquired through CoS gain
  • Testing and Qualification processes
  • High levels of DCC security demanded for end to end transactions
  • Full CIO audit process requiring extensive documented decision, development and testing history
  • New demands upon IT systems – DCC is batch and real-time secure online message based data exchange
  • Suppliers expected to optimise interaction with the DCC
  • Multiple processes during period of co-existence of dumb meters – SMETs1 – SMETs2
  • Support for SMETS1 and full compliance with DCC adoption and enrolment processes

Alongside our software products, we have assembled a highly skilled and experienced team of DCC and Smart Metering specialists who are ready to help throughout your programme of work. With some of our earliest clients, we have already completed all stages of DCC Qualification process, which are:

  • SREPT (SMKI & Repository Entry Process Testing) for DCCKI and SMKI
  • UEPT (User Entry Process Test)
  • External CIO Audit

Piecing it all together...

There is a deadline date of 25th November 2017 by when suppliers must have taken ‘all reasonable steps’ to complete qualification as a DCC user. We understand the challenges and implementation milestones that suppliers will face ahead of the roll-out and changes required to software applications and industry interfaces.

To help with your thinking, we have prepared a briefing paper summarising the core mandatory preparations required, to address the obligations in the Smart Energy Code (SEC) and in support of Ofgem’s open letter to energy suppliers in November 2016, which can be found here.

To receive this briefing paper a, please contact Utiligroup through Steve Roche, DCC Client Director: 

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This is a time of profound industry change, the largest since the introduction of competition itself in 1998. While challenging to manage, it creates competitive opportunities in the early market. Our full ICT solution ‘uSmart’ is packed with rich functionality and is suitable for all DCC user roles. We have already deployed our uSmart solution for mandated Large Suppliers, and are engaging in the market preparations for many more independent Suppliers of all sizes and business models.

uSmart’s automated business interfaces and orchestrated processes handle the complexities of DCC interactions whilst fully complying with the DCC security requirements. The modular design enables a flexible implementation approach, allowing you to deploy the functionality you require in a phased way.


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