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The UK smart metering roll-out is underway with licenced energy Suppliers leading their deployment to deliver customer benefits. Meter providers, financiers and operational Agents are integrating to deliver a seamless deployment experience. Energy network operators are seeking to optimise energy delivery through smart meter data insight. The next wave of innovators are starting to use smart meter data securely on the basis of customer consent to transform the basis of energy use. It is a pivot in the shift of energy to meet the needs of a digitally empowered society.

At the heart of this exciting government programme is the new central Data Communications Company (DCC) and the need for automated, secure interaction across the various defined industry roles. Our focus is ‘to make energy smarter for everyone’ through our industry leading, expert Software as a Services.  Utiligroup innovated proactively to create the SaaS platform and market readiness approach delivered for over seventy organisations already.

There are many demands for those delivering smart metering from software and market readiness through to the integration of multiple parties and their operational effectiveness at scale.  Utiligroup’s value is built upon detailed expertise and immersion in industry groups drawn from our business and Aprose who were acquired into our business in 2018.  As one combined team we lead the sector in turning smart metering potential into the earliest operational benefit, at all sizes of market participant.

Our solutions, services and expertise to take suppliers, distribution companies, meter agents and data users through the readiness activities, from qualification under the industry process, through to initial live operations and support for increasing volumes and additional functionality in future DCC releases.

Our value solution encompasses:


  • Our core Software as a Service (SaaS) DCC adapter and business orchestration for DCC Smart Metering, deployed and live with over 70 organisations today.
  • Our xGen architecture underpins the SaaS design that blends critical security requirements, data exchange and management with the latest BPMN2 process modelling technique.
  • Hosting and optional managed services to remove complexity and cost in DCC operations from your business.
  • SaaS variants for Supplier, Meter Agents, Distribution and ‘Other User’ authorised smart meter data access, all built on the same core solution and next generation architecture.
  • Specific focus on realising early benefits at scale from smart metering data by new innovative ‘Other User’ role of the DCC.
  • Managed readiness process for DCC certification, including CIO Audit, covering both inherit and install of SMETS2 smart meters.
  • Future support for millions of SMETS1 meters adopted and enrolled into the DCC (during 2019).
  • Managed transition of companies moving to Utiligroup from other solution providers.
  • Integration through our SaaS across industry, your business and the operational eco-system partners interacting through DCC to deliver a seamless experience of smart metering for customers.
  • Integration with our other market leading SaaS for Market Participant Interaction to drive optimised Change of Supplier (CoS) processes aligned with smart metering.

Unlock future benefits...

Working with Utiligroup you will always be future ready through our enduring commitment to turn change into industry leading SaaS solutions.  In smart metering we deliver this innovation into your business in a number of ways:

  • Deepest industry engagement in DCC, SECAS, BEIS and Ofgem groups on future functionality to be enabled by DCC in our software including Faster Switching and connected devices.
  • Formal representation of all Small Suppliers at SECAS Change Panel.
  • Proactive participation in the DCC Innovation Hub launched in August 2018 to explore and test new potential DCC services.
  • Engagement with DCC and market bodies as the leading pioneer of a Multiple Service Provider model, bringing the efficiency benefits of secure operation across dozens of DCC users while respecting the privacy and commercial confidentiality of each.
  • Executive and operational engagement with our customers to build shared smart metering strategies for their business and across the integrated eco-system of delivery partners.
  • Customer briefings, news and alerts on smart metering obligations and compliance requirements to help underpin their continuous market leadership.
  • Our Smart Energy Insights blog with the latest on new energy models underpinned by digital technology such as smart metering, electric vehicles, storage, distributed energy and smart grid flexibility services.
  • A collaborative approach across customer and partner communities to growing new insight, analytics and industry services in the journey towards energy2.0

Utiligroup helps to facilitate a controlled implementation of support for the DCC, with guaranteed communication to compliant smart devices. We have been immersed in the DCC programme since its inception, and so we understand the breadth and depth of the potential it unlocks.

The government DCC architecture is shown in the following diagram:


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With over three hundred expert people in our business and the industry leading Software as a Service, we are ready to help you deliver the growing benefits of smart metering today.

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