We empower <100 energy Suppliers, Providers and Metering agents across the market.

We provide automated software as a service, expert services & data insight that makes the UK energy market more competitive by providing more choice, improved service & smart energy benefits.

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Empower your energy competitiveness

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We’re Associate Members of EnergyUK to help turn technology into customer benefit

We’ve brought 70% of independent
into the energy market.

We focus on delivering sustainable growth, industry compliance and customer best practice as standard.

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Turning change into opportunity

Digitisation, distributed technology and customer empowerment are transforming energy competition. As you innovate for customers, we focus on turning industry change programmes into your competitive agility through our SaaS. All our customers benefit from SaaS underpinning your competitiveness through smart metering, faster switching, half-hourly settlement and beyond.

Staff act on behalf of small suppliers in industry programmes

Our staff are regularly voted to represent energy Supplier interests in key industry programmes, bringing their expertise to the independent cross-company representation for such as Smart Energy Code and Faster Switching. We also attend approaching fifty groups in our own right.

Sharing change insight in our own forum

Our Smarter Energy Insights programme shares the future of energy for customers and affiliates in our blog, papers and the free Forum we set-up and operate. BEIS, Ofgem, DCC, Elexon and other invited bodies speak regularly to reach our extensive industry base & respond to their questions.

Dedicated to your continuous competitive leadership

Our business grows, if your business is successful sustainably. We focus our talent, technology and innovation to make you competitive and able to thrive in a changing market. Our team works intimately with our Suppliers and Metering Agents so you can deliver industry leading performance.

Quality is at the heart of our business, so we place great value in our certifications for ISO 9001 and 27001

Studies show our Cost to Serve is many times lower than the incumbent competitors