Our Solutions

Our solutions unlock integrated value across business process managed services, software delivered as a service and advisory insight. Engaging future utilities to deliver ever better customer service in a digitally connected smart world. We are ready to embrace new benefits enabled by digital connectivity, Cloud Based Operations, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Grids and the Smart Home and turn them into practical benefit realising capabilities. We do this by supporting agile data driven enterprises to embrace actionable insight to deliver trust, benefit and empowerment for their customers.

We only do things that ...

We only do things that...

Stay Ahead of Change,

Embrace Energy 2.0

Discover the Capabilities…

Our solutions combine industry insight and solution creativity to create a full width, enterprise wide solution. That harnesses compliance and growth at scale, urging utility service providers across energy sectors to focus on running their business.

We are committed to enabling competitive market entry, compliant participation, delivery of competitive customer benefit and optimised growth and innovation to meet future change. Utiligroup solutions unleash new value to extend long-term performance. Letting you focus on what’s next for your business.

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Market Entry

  • Supplier In A BoxTM
  • Economic Feasibility Model
  • Validated Business Model & Proposition
  • Proven >25 times, OfGEM reviewed
  • Brand Protection
  • Utiligroup Software & Service Value Inside
  • Fastest Market Entry Timescales

Enhanced Competitiveness
& Innovate

  • Pricing Sensitivity
  • Reporting, Alerting & MI
  • Switching & Data Analytics
  • Energy2.0

Grow and Manage
Customer Base

  • Managed Market Interaction -
    Automated BPM & Exceptions
    Management (AFMS & PFV)
  • Supplier Systems Integration (Gatekeeper)
  • Demand Forecasting (Provista)
  • Pre-Integrated Partners: CRM &
    Billing, Metering, Customer
    Contact, Portal, Brand

Metering Benefits

  • Meter Asset Provider (Activos)
  • Meter Operator Party (AMOPS) /
    Meter Asset Manager (GAMMA)
  • Data Collector (pre-DCC)
  • uSmart DCC Adapter & BOL

Optimise Financial

  • Settlement Management
  • Performance Assurance (PARMS)
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Growth Guidance & Support Consulting

Wholesale Cost

  • Trade Blotter & Market Interactions Software
  • Integrated Trading Partners

Enable Compliant
Scale Growth

  • ISO Accredited
  • Proven Software
  • Scalable, Secured Managed Services
  • Market Change Assured
We only do things that...

Our market interaction platform

currently deployed by over 30 energy suppliers

Market Interaction Platform…

Our industry leading, optimised and scalable market interaction platform simplifies supplier market entry and ongoing business operation. Enabling market compliance and competitive operations that enable customer focus. Giving energy companies the freedom to focus on their business model.

We only do things that...

Software as a Service

Utiligroup’s Software as a Service (SaaS) applications offer a fully managed, secure and resilient service rooted on the latest best-of-breed cloud software and modern best practice processes and capabilities.

Help clients deliver the experiences their customers deserve and reduce the barriers to entry for both fast growing new market entrants and existing future utilities.

Why SaaS?

Connecting to UtiliCloud...

We believe technology has to evolve to invite new possibilities to make things easier, smarter and more connected. UtiliCloud incubates value creating a ‘Data as a Service’ future fostering the benefits of shared, private and secure infrastructure without the need for substantial upfront investment. Our solutions build upon the value framework which allows leading suppliers and market participants to lead competitively and innovate confidently.

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Customer4D Value

  • Trust
  • Benefit
  • Empowerment

Added Value

  • Demanding Forecasting
  • Settlement
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Demand Flexibility

Operational Insight

  • Data Analytics
  • M.I. Dashboards
  • Push Reporting & Alerts

Discover Energy2.0 Customer Value

  • Change Drivers
  • Data Collaboration
  • Living Lab

Utiligroup Infrastructure

  • Customer Insight Data Sources
  • Smart Energy Data Sources
  • Utilicloud
  • Secure & Scalable
  • ISO Accredited

Utiligroup Core Solution Suite

  • Expectations & Agents Managed Services
  • Business Process Modelling &
    Operational Orchestration
  • Process Visualisation & Interrogation
  • Business Process Management
  • Automated Workflow
  • Utiligroup Data Universe,
    API's & Data Exchange
  • Energy Industry Central Systems